Large Landowners

Large land parcels, 35 acres and larger, are often tracts of land that belonged to some of the original Douglas County homesteaders.  These farms, ranches and “ranchettes” are often treasures of scenic terrain with creek lined rolling meadows, forested hillsides of towering pines and sweeping views of the Rockies.   Most properties are fenced into several pastures with stock tanks and ponds. Mule deer, whitetail deer and elk are common big game species as well as mountain lions, bobcats, bears and coyotes.  DCCD addresses a wide range of environmental concerns including agricultural erosion and sediment control, water quality, water quantity, range and pasture management, fish and wildlife habitat, and other natural resource management issues. DCCD works cooperatively with landowners to solve local conservation problems. This benefits both the agricultural community and society as a whole. Clean water and productive soil are basic to our quality of life now and in the future.

DCCD is a citizen-directed organization, partnering with local, state and federal initiatives to protect natural resources and enhance water quality. In addition to our local programs, we administer the state cost-share programs which provide financial assistance to landowners to install conservation practices. DCCD works closely with the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) and cooperate with other federal and state agencies to help protect and conserve natural resources in Douglas County, Colorado.