Noxious Weed A and B-List Species Grant

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The Douglas County  Conservation District has opportunities for Douglas County residents to apply for our Cost-Share Grant in the pursuit of controlling noxious weeds.  This  cost-share grant will assist with a 50% cost share up to $500.00 per  property for chemical and  biological control methods for weeds on the Colorado State Noxious Weed “A” and “B” list species.  Details are on the grant application.  Obtain the 2020 Grant Document from our website at

Fuels Mitigation Grant

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The Douglas County Conservation District offers a Fire Mitigation Cost – Share Grant to residents of Douglas County, Colorado.  For more information visit our website Douglas Conserves.  Feel free to call our Franktown office to reach the District Manager at (303) 218 – 2622 or EMail to  Thank you for your interest.