Douglas County Low Grow Grass Seed Mix


Low Grow Mix makes a 8-12 inch tall pasture, cover crop, or for general seeding purposes.  This mix reseeds itself when given the chance to grow to maturity and produce seed. Feel free to leave this grass tall all year as birds and mammals find habitat and forage in these beautiful grasses.  Long grass also holds moisture in the soil better than cut grass. Once established this grass will not require watering beyond natural precipitation.

The term ‘broadcast’ below refers to hand broadcasting-rates and ‘drilled’ refers to seed drilled rates. We carry the Douglas County Low Grow Mix in a one acre bag; 12.5 pounds per acre from Arkansas Valley Seed. 

All of our seed products are for No-Contact Pick-Up all year round at our Franktown Office outside of the USDA Service Center beside the Post Office.  Available for pick-up Monday – Friday. Sales tax is 4% in Franktown.

Buffalograss, Texoka

Blue Grama, Hachita

Western Wheatgrass, Arriba

Thickspike Wheatgrass, Critana

Streambank Wheatgrass, Sodar

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